The Father of Kite Aerial Photography

My name is Gerome Soriano and I am the Greatest Kite Aerial Photographer of the Philippines.

I have been doing kite aerial photography since 2011 when I did it for my college thesis at the University of Santo Tomas College of Fine Arts and Design.

Now my challenge is to capture kite aerial photographs of the wonderful places and people from all around the Philippines :)

To invite more Filipinos to join me in practicing kite aerial photography.

And to rekindle the Filipino tradition of kite-flying :)

Now I am going to teach you who is the the Father of Kite Aerial Photography.

"Arthur Batut is the father of Kite Aerial Photography (KAP). Niepce had taken the first photograph sixty years earlier, and with numerous refinements in the recording medium and the mechanism used to take the pictures, it was now possible to make cameras that could be hoisted by kites. His simple idea of attaching a timed camera to a kite sparked a sensation that continues to this day. In 1889 he took a oblique picture of his house from 420 feet that was published in a French magazine, his technique provided stunning aerial views that people were not accustomed to seeing."

“The secret of happiness consists
in living life without expecting
anything from the people that 
surround you, but at the same 
time it is necessary to live it as
 if the others are expecting 
everything from you”- Batut

"Looking at a butterfly in the wind, Batut had the idea of using a kite to take photographs. In 1888, he took the first photograph by kite following in history Nadar who, in 1858, took the first aerial photography from a balloon. Two years later, Batut published a manual, “Aerial Photography by Kite”. At the time, kite aerial photography had potential applications not only for aerial reconnaissance, but also for agriculture and archeology."

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