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Maritime Flags, Mono8, Solo

Maritime Flags
Gerome Soriano
Exhibition Run: 12 February -
Opening Reception: 12 February, Tuesday at 9pm
GF Mono8 Gallery
The Mono8 Gallery presents Maritime Flags, a solo show by visual artist Gerome Soriano.
Through videos and painted textile designs, the current maritime politics in Southeast Asia is portrayed in this exhibition. According to Soriano, inspiration came from watching a sailor shuffling a deck of cards with maritime flag signals on the back. In addition, indigenous textile color and patterns were emulated to also reflect the current struggle of indigenous communities being expelled from their ancestral lands by force and being branded as terrorists.
Gerome Soriano (b. 1990) is a visual artist who lives in Manila, Philippines. Mostly working with photographs, videos, and zines, he uses daily activities and everyday objects as take-off points to tell stories about contemporary issues, history, and ideas.

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