Gerome believes in thinking differently, in trying the untried and in accomplishing what is thought to be impossible. He does this by pursuing projects that are technically difficult and executing them well. He produces art objects as a way of sharing the experience and sustaining the practice.

Kite Aerial Photographer
born November 28, 1990
lives in Manila City, Philippines
graduate of University of Santo Tomas- College of Fine Arts and Design major in Advertising Arts- March 2012



Push It: Outstanding Thesis Exhibit 2012, Beato Angelico Gallery, Sampaloc, Manila


UST - College of Fine Arts and Design -  major in Advertising - batch 2011-2012 - Best Thesis Awardee for Photography Exhibit and Catalogue Design Thesis entitled "Windy Conversations: Between Camera and Kites"

Behance Philippines portfolio review - 98b - Recipient of Behance Appreciation Award for photography category - review conducted by Veejay Villafranca


98b ESC Projects - Windy Conversations: Between Cameras and Kites installation

ESC project - Future Market @ Transitio 1945 - Fort Santiago, Intramuros, Manila


Kite Aerial Photography: A Bird's eye view of Pictures of the World Below by Randy Urlanda in Manila Bulletin's Panorama Sunday magazine August 7, 2011

Camera Geek TV Episode 5 interview

The Art of Kite Aerial Photography by Cecila Angeles in Manila Bulletin's Picture Perfect July 26, 2011 interview by Angely Chi

Solar Daybreak Artist of the Week October 21-25,2013:

Slate Planner 2014, Looking Up No. 7, Kite Aerial Photography:

His work has already been featured in:

He was also part of the Push It: Outstanding Thesis Exhibit 2012. The Best Thesis Exhibit of UST-College of Fine Arts and Design major in Advertising batch 2012. Held at Beato Angelico Gallery, Sampaloc, Manila.

And was also awarded the Most Appreciated Presentation at the Behance Portfolio Review Manila November 2012. Held at 98b, Escolta.


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Idea Machining

An awesome practice taught by James Altucher

1 Why Bother?

Coz it keeps you sharp
Gives you a feel for what ideas are good and what ideas are bad

Idea slave - boss tell you idea what to do you do it = idea slave - not always a bad thing
You can also call that the idea executioner
Or mission impossible taker
Your like James Bond, boss gives you hard mission you deliver the results

Idea machine - the boss, the manager
You have idea you ask/pay/get volunteer/ bribe someone else to do that for you

The queen wants a new road done - other peeps do it
The Investor wants a building constructed - gets architect, contractors, etc.

2 Who are great examples

Ai wei wei - has awesome ideas - gets other people to execute with their awesome craftmanship

Edison - thinks of a mad idea - gets people to work with him on that idea
Arguably occassional - idea stealer too :D

Hey idea stealing is not too bad - see book - Steal like an Artist  Austiin Kleon - but might not be the same thing
Well if you as an idea slave under someone it's bound to happen that they get credited for your work

Henry Ford - creates stream line car production line - others man the stations

3 idea slave

So yeah as I said earlier idea slave is not always bad

You can call it with cooler names
Idea executioner
Idea assasin
Idea implementor
Chief Idea Executive
James Bond
The Transporter

Great Idea Executioners

Da Vinci - has ideas - almost always execute it himself - why he learned so many disciplines - science, art , medicine, machining, etc

Michelangelo - Pope's idea his execution
here's wesome 'bout him tho - he redesigned the original idea and made it more awesome
Here's what separate agent 00whatever who dies on third mission to agent 007
Drivers from the Transpoerter

Notes from Imba Videoguy

Imba Videodude is so imba he shoot one of the big name hair product tvc here

And he won an award as part of a team who did a one take film

To be the most expensive peep on your niche

exdeal from the start no charging cash yet
Exdeal stuff like hard drive and equipents later on

What he did was exdeal a shoot for 2 hard drives
Then he would sell one and keep the other

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