Black looks good and light :)

My name is Gerome Soriano and I am the Greatest Kite Aerial Photographer of the Philippines.

I have been doing kite aerial photography since 2011 when I did it for my college thesis at the University of Santo Tomas College of Fine Arts and Design.

Now my challenge is to capture kite aerial photographs of the wonderful places and people from all around the Philippines :)

To invite more Filipinos to join me in practicing kite aerial photography.

And to rekindle the Filipino tradition of kite-flying :)

Now I am going to share to you my kite aerial photography rig :)

My first rig was white. Made of aluminum. Heavy. Prone of bending. And cumbersome to carry around.

My second rig was heavier and more cumbersome but it looked a lot more better :) more handsome :) 

Non-bendy but heavier.

My third rig is black and it looks good. Sharpish and light. 

And it's made of the awesome material used for the most awesomest and most bad-ass of bicycles, canoes, tennis and badminton racquets, sport kite spars, high quality arrow shafts, hockey sticks, fishing rods, surfboards,  race-cars and Airbuses!!!!!


How the hell did I get my hands on this expensive mommas 3:)

Well I have a friend who knows a friend who knows a friend :)

And I got it for free :) FREE no charge whatsoever!!!!

He's from the super uber!!! best kite friend Eric Basit! woot woot! calling Mister Eric Basit thank you man!

So here's the awesome story

Ms. Maoi keeps on telling us at 98b that awesome projects tend to make all pieces fall into place when you work towards that awesome projects even though you don't have the means or the how to exactly. You just move, do the things you can do, start from where you are.

And magically things fall into place.

Why does that shit happen? I don't know! But I know it works :) It worked for me. It worked for 98b. And I have a good feeling it will work for you too.

Reminds me of the quote from the book that a couple of artist friends' swear by, "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho

“And, when you want something, 

all the universe conspires

 in helping you to achieve it.” 

It also aligns with the mother of all good self-help book! Psychocybernetics by Maxwell Maltz

"It is the function of the 

automatic success mechanism

to supply the means 

when you supply the goal."

So I was doing my thesis for kite aerial photography and I keep on repeating the thing that if only I could get some carbon fiber my kite aerial photography rig would be a lot lighter.

I kept on mentioning that to everyone I meet. To my adviser, to my classmates, to kite-fliers, to my siblings, to my judo mates, to everyone.

Then Eric mentioned to me that he has some!!! he has some!!!

He has some carbon fiber and he could give me some!!!!

1,000 pesos worth of prints!!!!! free! gratis! on the studio! my compliments :)
Not just one print but TWO!
These prints are the same with the ones that I sell in art fairs at 500 pesos each.  

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