Hallow Legos

When I was young I have this weird observations that I know to be true based on experiences.

We have this regular lego. The larger ones. We still have some of them.

Lancie used to munch on some of them.

Well what's weird is that I believe, I know, that somehow they are being exchanged with someone out there.

Our legos are the regular one. The big ones.

They were square or rectangle that had circle/s on the bottom to attach to the circles on top of the other block.

Then we suddenly had this lego block that is different.

It was not glossy plastic. It was matte fibery plastic. Not crunchy brittle when bitten. But such and chewy.

Then the top circles were hallow. Like they were circles with no filling. They had holes not passing through though.

So there when I was young I dreamed of being a scientist.

We had this book about science that had a skeleton illustration, astronauts and atoms. It really fascinated me.

Then we also had this book that had tigers that were being rescued or grown in captivity.

I remember vividly the image of a tiger taking a bath in a moss filled green pond.

Then there were also turtles in that book.

And apart from Cartoon Network we were also very fond of watching Discovery Channel and Animal Planet.

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