Home Residency

I am envious of friends who get accepted into residencies or free workshops in other countries. It seems a whole lot of fun.

And I envy of the pressure they have to make because they are somewhere out there. Looked over by someone great or someone who wants to see results or at least something to talk about.

So I figured why don't I just treat my home stay as a residency. I explained this before to Sir At when he interviewed me for the job of assisting at their Photography Studio. That I keep a schedule even though I am just staying at home.

Before when Lancie was here she would shake the madness out of my sleep. Jumping up to tap me with her paws on the upper bed of our double deck bed. We would take a walk then from that walk ideas come storming in. Breakfast for me and Lancie then unto to making artworks.

Now with Lanice gone and on having moved to a new apartment. I am awoken by either my brother's alarm that he kept on snoozing or the neighbors alarm which could be heard rather loudly from our apartment. And our bed being beside this huge window is enough to glare me to wake up when the sun is up already.

Then in terms of reporting to a curator or director of the art space. I update my blog and facebook feed with the progress of my work. And every now and then when I'm feeling courageous enough I ask advice from art friends : )

Then I try to treat every selling opportunity as a show. Though it will not always look like one because of the set-up. I love setting up on floor compared to tables. They have that DIY art show feel to them : )

Tables have that "this is another artist who sold his soul" kind of feel. Just my opinion by the way.

So there! Maybe your a better situation compared to mine. Or maybe a worst situation. I find that creativity comes out best when under tension, pressure, limitation. Luxury I find is the friend of mediocrity or pretension. So I choose Spartan!

How about you?

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