Sell Art to Happy Buyers


1) Sell Art that you will buy if somebody else was selling it.
2) Don't take it personally.
3) Don't reject yourself.
4) Show art to sell art.
5) Transfer enthusiasm.
6) What gets appreciated, appreciates.

1) Sell art that you will buy if somebody else was selling it.

An advice that I got from Kuya Anjo Bolardo. A highly skilled illustrator and philanthropic artist that organizes event to help fellow artists.

I personally observed that the artworks that I loved that most. Fascinated me. Wanted to just stare and salivate at. Were the works that were received very very well by people who are willing to pay for them.

Does not happen every time though.

So I thought, putting out your "garbage artworks" out there ain't gonna do you much good or money to sustain your practice.

It does pay to sell works that you know would sell. But if it's the kind of work that you don't want to be know for or can cause effects that you don't really want. It leaves a vacuum within that makes you feel disgusted at yourself for making art for money's sake. Which is neither good nor bad, I just think it defeats your nobler reasons for getting into art.

It feels really really good to experience someone having the same, if not better, opinions about your work. It just fattens up that artistic heart of ours and our buyers jumping in joy for having found you and your work.

It's like they always wanted your work they just don't know need until they finally saw it. It's like "Eureka!!!!"


What artworks do you like?

What artworks do you buy or consume? (TV programs counts, cartoons, animations. Comics count. Home decors count. Yes product packaging and advertisements counnt.)

Does it align to the art that you make?

If you were older and much wealthier would you buy your own work over your idol artist's work? Why?

If you were younger and still studying would your work inspire that younger version of you?

What art do you hate?

What art do you think no one would buy?

Are you making any of those? Why?

This is a test.

So please do comment because I need you're feedback on this.

Is this too bossy, too uncomfortable to read, any grammatical errors (there will be a lot). 

Please help me out of this and comment. 

This is part of a guide, a workbook. That I am working on.

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