Appreciation: Transmission Number 1

What inspired you to do this work?

A ton of scrap sintra boards at our house. My Dad works as a graphic designer for a coffee company and he uses a lot of sintra boards as mounts for wall murals.

My interest in mechanics which started from tinkering with mini four wheel drives (Tamiyas) that later led to building a kite aerial photography rig.

Buddhism studies. Cause and effect. Karma. Flux. Quantum particles. Emptiness. And transmission of "dharma" from master to master.

What was your experience making this work?

Good to get messy again and work on something more tactile compared to my photography work which required a lot of digital processing.

Sore hands, happy face, dirty room, our dog and my brother complaining, moving things, fun.

This was my second "gear painting" so I was able to predict more what it will look like.

What are you aiming for this work to achieve?

My objective for this work is for it to be a fantastic wall piece that never tires you. Because of the variations and play that you can do with it.

And if possible, for the audience to read the taped Basic Buddhism lectures that are part of the work.

What excites you about the work?

Making it move. It seemingly floating from the base board. And it's ability to adopt and suite the mood I'm in.

What was the most challenging part of the work?

Making the outlines of the white human figure white.

What did you felt when it was finally finished?

That I definitely need to make more versions of it. And explore the series farther and deeper.

And make a much bigger one.

 Transmission Number 1

Acrylic on Sintra Board gears. Illustration base board. Screws. Nuts. Lock Nuts.

8 inches by 10 inches by approximately 3 inches

Still available : )

And I'm interested in making a bigger version of this : ) do consider commissioning that : ) 

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