2) Don't take it personally

Opinions are just that opinions.

Whether it is good or bad. Develop the skill of detaching yourself from your emotions and taking note of what is useful and actionable and leave out what is just useless and too abstract to act upon.

You don't have to try to appeal to everyone. It's just natural that certain groups of people will find your work great while others will think of it as trash.


1) What opinions, feedback, reactions have you heard about your work?

2) Did any of those bothered you?

3) Can you do something to address those?

4) If not, then leave them be and focus instead on the things which you can act upon
5) What actions can you do based from those opinions you heard that can be useful to the improvement of your art practice?

Still part of the workbook I'm working on entitled "How to sell art to happy art buyers"

This is a test.

So please do comment because I need you're feedback on this.

Is this too bossy, too uncomfortable to read, any grammatical errors (there will be a lot). 

Please help me out of this and comment. 

This is part of a guide, a workbook. That I am working on.

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