Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Thank you to all those who supported "moment" of my kite aerial photography work at Future Market @ Escolta.

Thank you to 98b. Sir Mark and Ms. Maoi for allowing me to occupy that large space to show my kite aerial photography work. To Mik for taking photos and posting photos of the installation. To Kuya Anjo, to Pot, to Gabz, and to Don.

Thank you to Magu my friend. Who helped me plan out how to use the space. In bringing my things there and in getting them back home. And to our baon.

To Ms. Maoi who pointed out how I can improved the installation. And to referring me to a lot of people I could possibly work with.

To Irwin for continually supporting my work and giving me advice on how to go through my practice.

To my friends who joined the Future Market thanks to my persuasion Yza, Paula, Chris, and Eko.

To Eko for making GROM stickerzzzz featuring my angry frowning face in various characters. Dora, adventure time, spongebob, gundam, you name it. I think he still have some of that.

To Miko.

To Cheto and his improving career in illustration.

To Ros.

To Bong who Ros tagged along.

To those who were generous enough to allow me to bother them and interview them for my blog. I finished transcripting two already the next two will follow within this week. And a special interview of Eko.

To those who looked at my work. To Jason and Ben for their support and awe and suggestions on how to improve my rig.

To Abygale and her boyfriend.

To Sir Lorenz.

To Dex Fernandez.

To Mike Carlo Caparas, who I discovered was one of the folks who helped me in the Hot Air Balloon Fest back i 2011.

To Dong Abay.

To Andrea from the book-binding workshop of Mira. For taking a photo of me and my work.

To Ma'am Merce and Sir Patrick.

To Nathan and the opportunity to follow this installation at Artesania in Taguig.

To Dian.

To Carlo.

To those whose photographs were captured by the rig.

To Tim and Lance.

To Tita and Melanie.

To those who I sadly forgot the names. Be do kindly remind me.

To the bragging right I've gathered along the way and display there.

To Sir Bengy for sponsoring the printing of my brochure.

To Sony for supporting my project before.

To FPPF. To Sir Lito, Sir Bryan, Ma'am Cecilia, Sir Rey and others.

To Fabo and Family for allowing me to trade artworks :)

For the wonderful conversations with Cheto.

To Kristoffer and his interest in my work.

To Geloy.

To our printer that has been kind and generous lately to function well and continous to do so. This enabled me to print some materials that were displayed there.

To Andrei for always going to the Future Market. And giving life to the leaf print idea.

To Luke who is interested in having purchasing a print of "Genesis".

To ,the american woman who I sadly forgot the name, who bought the "Pamarawan" print. I hope it does well in her condo unit.

To Shannen.

To Joshua and Padz, my highschool friends.

To anyone sorry for my faulty memory and do please let me know.

Yey Art!


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