Signature strengths

The gist is that if you are not working with these strengths you will feel down. But if you work with them you will feel great and are able to do things better.

The five signature strengths for me are:

1)       Creativity, Ingenuity and originality
2)       Bravery and valor
3)       Judgement, Critical thinking and open-mindedness
4)       Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence
5)       Curiosity and interest in the world
Which I must say is quite accurate.

I do like and have fun squeezing my brains for ideas and working with problems. And making up some problems too.

I can be quite arrogantly brave especially if I have a strong towards reaching a particular goal. But not all the time though. Sometimes I do sheep out and hide.

Judgement. Yes I am quite judgemental but I do try to learn more, gather more evidence before doing something. And depending on the situation I can be quite open-minded to listen and constructively debate on other’s ideas.

Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence. Yes, I am the kind of person who can stand in front of an Excellent artwork with no idea of time passing by just appreciating it. Go on to meditative mind states staring at beauty be it an artwork, the sunrise, or butterflies passing through.

Curiosity and interest in the world. Yes. I am very interested in the world. It’s workings and how to work with it.

So there search for the strengths test in and find out your top strengths.


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