Epic Adventure Blog Post number 4

Trade School class got approved


Kite Aerial Photography: Art project from start to finish plus some tough love

October 5

Commune, Makati

See you there!

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/494912530584827/?ref=23

Future Market August 17

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/659613500729414/

Sleeping with my notebook

helps me remember things and get my momentum continuously flowing.


is good. have the tendency to be too hard on myself.

Monthly meetings

nakadalawa tayo ngayon ah. sobra pa nga ata.

Kela Justin. Tapos samin. Tapos samin pa ata ulit.

No BS trust-based marketing

napabili ako. so far so good. dapat lang take time to apply.

Allan de Boton

good modern philosopher.

with views on how to apply philosophy to our daily modern lives.


have to build one

Arrested motion

Artists helping artists

Reddot Blog

Intangible wealth

Focus on building that one.


are good. practice staying equanimous under pressure.

dealing with difficult situation.

makes things more clear for me.

and solidifies why i stand on where i am.


good activity. just tiring. have to alternate.


haven't done one lately. maybe this is one. dunno


Good group at facebook.

Sir Robertson such an active and good moderator/admin.

Good stories about Cato.

Brave guy :)


Block time.

Shouldn't I be working.

Though I sometimes cheat because I want to. Or need to chat some more.

Good. Makes people value my time more.

Or so I think.

Lead by example

Not by instruction.

Kinda hard but I guess the only way to do it right.


not instruction


not provocation

Rainy days

Audio recorder interviews

start with magu, ros, miko, yza then from there everybody :)


good app

upos ng yosi sa mata


hinangin papunta sakin nung humangin

bike ng nakapikit

masaya :)

Optimizer vs Perfectionist

Tal Ben Shahar

good concept

perfection something to aim for not necessarily achieve

failure is good

Fail more, succeed more


remember to count

we tend to overemphasize failure

count failures and successes to see it clearer


on the upper right corner of this blog

Sign-up :)

Pretty please


working, writing, kinda difficult

frustrations, denials, experiences, truth, insights


Lowers trust casting cost

What do we have in common?

Thesis Gurus stewardship

let others run the Thesis Gurus for now

I hope they do it well

do it way better

Failure exercises

Getting myself ready

surely have to try some of them


will be helpful in making psychographic analysis

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