Don’t worry I kinda know what I’m doing

Don’t worry I kinda know what I’m doing.

I’m pretty sure that if I fail at this I am qualified to fall-back to a high paying job as an adman.

I think I am even being better qualified as I am doing this.

This is kinda risky but is etremely educational as well.

To fall as an adman

I’m a major in advertising graduate. But I do like what I’m doing right now trying to learn how can I make a good living solely through art sales. Trying to understand how I use contemporary art as a medium to transmit messages and all that other jazz.

This sharpens my mind. Just like doing 20 thumbnail sketches for Nady. That then will be narrowed down to colorful 3 or sometimes 4 comprehensive studies. Then down to 1 colorfully illustrated advertisement on a Bainbridge cold-pressed board.

Yah I know that’s kinda old school but that 20 sketches really brings out the creative juices from the deep reservoirs of my mind or if nothing is coming out my seatmate’s ideas will do J


You know what apart from being weird and hard to get. Advertising practitioners are kinda in the same line in terms of how some artists/boguses boguses art buyers into buying their bogus art.

Yeah a lot of bogus. That’s why boguses.

Like that vanity photography gallery somewhere there in Makati that I’m quite sure will only exhibit those low-life desperate artist/photographers so long as they have enough money to print on those expensive bogus squirted ink prints.

Yay enough of that.

I think advertising can really learn from some of the finest contemporary artists of today.

Like on terms of engaging the public in a really engaging and meaningful way. Through participative public installations.

Or really getting to know customers well through the practice I am much intrigued of and very eager to try out once I get a more solid grasp of it. Social Practice.

Then there also those not so contemporary works that are just really powerful in delivering the message.

Also I think advertising practitioners can learn from “Real Artists” how to stand up and let go of clients who arrogantly think they know better or insists on making “garbagetisements”.

Risk risk risk

Well I dare say that there is really nothing safe and secure. There are only things that are delusionally perceived as safe and secure.

Nah. I don’t believe happy ever after does exists Adam. Nor does that high pitched singing of yours.

But I do believe that from moment to moment we can choose to be more creative in finding appreciable things that can make us happier.

Yeah guess trying all of this is quite risky. I could as well die our of a bleeding head trying to understand that write-up the curator made.

But I’m still young, still strong and kicking and I am quite sure that I will #!%@ regret it if I see myself as an old man that played it too safe to risk being ambitious enough to try out the things that got his blood pumping, his brains tingling, his hairs raising and his lips grinning.

So there

No need to worry I kinda got myself covered.

And if I do come out victorious at this I’ll let you know and teach you a trick or two if you want.

But if you did succeed at your endeavor Congrats to you! And please do find the time and the warm place in you heart to help me out.

I’m sure be glad to hear some unsolicited lengthen advice from you.


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