So how will we address our problem?

We have a selling problem that we need to address if we are serious about making a living out of our art sales.

Trust building

I imagine this as being a dark cave. That people are fearful to approach because they don’t know what’s inside it. They may see a little from the light coming in.

Some can see enough to go inside. Some are more cautious and just want to stay outside and look what will emerge from inside. And some are even more cautious that keep a distance from the opening of the cave.

But we know what’s inside that cave. Wonderful artworks and their stories. So we need to illuminate that beautiful cave so that people from outside feel more welcome and enticed to see more and enter.

And that light is Trust.

Telling why?

So what’s behind all of this works. Why did we made them? Are we crazy people, dangerous, with dark plans behind our works, with plans and schemes, out to destroy.

Well no! We are out to make beautiful, wonderful, intellegent, skillfully crafted artworks. And we’re sorry for intimidating you.

We’ll try to smile more. Be more approachable and tell you more from the safe distance of your computer and mine through the internet. Or through the safe distance of our signages so that you will know what our ulterior motive is. And if we connect on something maybe you can drop some of that guard and talk to us.

And we’ll be happy to tell you more about what compelled us to do what we do.

Understanding first

You really don’t care about what we do until we care about you.

So we’re trying to know more about what you want. What you fear. What are your thoughts?

We will do our best to be as kind as possible and to be a open as possible. To see we can work things out and if not maybe we know someone who would be able to do the work that you want.

We care about what you think and feel about our work. And it is also helpful for our practice to know if our works are communicating well or failing at that.

Being more upfront

To be more upfront that we are out not just to sell but to share. Share experiences, enthusiasm for the arts, discuss things, clear things out for you and be friends with you.

Being an artist inside our batcave studios can be quite lonely but we’re not anti-socials. In fact we’re dying to meet people with the same frame of mind or at least interested in our frame of mind.

Qualifying who can buy

We don’t want just any art buyer. We want people who are enthusiastic about buying our work. Who will enjoy being surrounded by our work most of the time.

And we care that our works be taken care of and not treated as just another piece of paper. Because we poured our heart and soul into making them. They are like our daughters and you are like their boyfriends asking us if you can marry them.

So we need to qualify you. Not only for our daughters well-being but also for yours.

We want you be as happy as our works would be under your care.

So how will we address our problems of not making enough sales

We will address it by being geniune to you, our art buyers/patrons/collectors, and by being geniune to our artworks, our creations/daughters/relfections.

That is how I will do it. And that is how I propose those around me do it.

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