Epic Adventure Post

nah forget the number it's getting troublesome to get what Epic Adventure Post number I'm in.

The previous week has been quite power packed :)

So let's get started:

98b parallel event

was a success wohuuu!!!

thanks to 98b for giving the opportunity to have a much much larger space to showcase my work!

and thanks for all those who braved the heavy rains to go to the Future Market @ Escolta!!!

and thanks to my friends, college friends, high school friends, and artist friends, and friends :)

Riza Manalo talk

This was last last Saturday sadly I still haven't taken the time to clean up the audio recording of the talk and upload it.

But by the gods I will upload end before this end weeks!

That talk is power-packed kapow!

So much to learn about Ms. Riza's process, idealogies, concepts, and experiences as an artist, working in various countries, living abroad, giving voices to immigrants, and engaging communities.

Got bald

My favorite hairdo no need to comb my hair and makes it cool. My head cool those who know me know that I could get quite angry.

A bald hairdo makes a Gerome a happy one.

Barney Davey and Jason Horjes

I've been reading the stuff this guys give out in their respective blogs: Art Print Issues and Red Dot Blog.

Their talk last wednesday about developing a Network of Qualified art collectors was spot on. Really useful and practical. So there another addition to things to work on :)

Derek Halpern

I'm also reading and applying some stuff from socialtriggers.com really good stuff about marketing.

If you want to have a blog that converts I recommend you join the class of Derek I think it's only available till evening. Joining that is.

If you're like me and can't afford that right now. I highly suggests reading his blog socialtriggers and watching his videos on youtube.


10 secrets about kite aerial photography magalog was handed out yesterday. 

Exhibit high level of interest about my kite aerial photography work to unlock.

Warning: Secrets highly confidential 

All you need is love

Sir Tim Ferris talked about not blogging hate and aversion to personalities in his blog but deal with the problem and try to provide and/or solicit solutions.

Tim is one of my idols so his advice I will take to heart.

So there please fear no more I'll try my best to write criticism about works instead of ranting about my displeasure. 

I'll try.

Future Market interviews

One of the fear I have about the Future Market is the possibility of more and more artists signing up to participate and less and less new visitors coming in.

One of the joys I have is talking to artists about their work, what inspires them to do their work, and relating to their artist's struggle stories.

Thus Future Market interviews is born. I hope it will address both issues. I believe that if people understand more about the different artistic practice of different artists they will come to appreciate our work. 

So I think this interview will help convince more people to go to market like Future Market and support local artists.

Upcoming interviews

Last Saturday I brought my audio recorder and did some interview there. So there be on the look-out for those wonderful interviews. 

Featuring: Patrick Layog of Studio Bohemia, Eva Yu of UVLA, Bong who makes awesome jewelry, eko who makes GROM stikerzzz, and FaBo and Family a family of artists :)

There are some already available here such as the interview of Dian of Blanco Quaderno, Lorenzo Gabutina who makes this crazy digital artworks from photographs through powerpoint and Magoo my good friend who makes magnificient ethereal infrared photographs.

Good problem to have

That is to carry those heavy frames, prints, kite aerial photography equipment and all to Escolta for the Future Market parallel event. 

Good problem to have

1,000 true fans

or so technium proposes makes it possible for a single artists to live quite good as an artists.

so i braved to invite my friends on facebook one by one that's why i was not able to invite all to come to the future market.

was tiring and energizing at the same time.

good to talk to friends that i haven't heard from for a long time

hear stories about Escolta

and say hi to chicks i normally would be too shy to message

good to pm good to pm

Decisive the book

would be good to have i think :)



too. good book to have i think 


any library you think I could read literature like those :) 


ang pusa sa kapitbahay na dambuhala hindi kasya sa ilalim ng gate namin kailangan pang pagbuksan ng pintuan.

ay kwento nila iniwan daw ng dating nakatira sa bahay na yun

kaya gustong guston niyang pumasok dun sa bahay nung may bago nang nakatira

kaya pala siya nag memeow dun

buti na lang mabait ang mga lumipat dun at hinahawak hawakan siya at pinapakain

nakakatuwa nga eh takot yung bata sa kanya dun kasi kasing laki niya na yung bata eh ahahaha

pero ayun kapag walang pagkain dun minsan samin siya nagpupunta

to be continued

too many things to write will be back for more :)

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