Future Market: Blanco Quaderno

Today we talk to Dian V. Masinsin, who makes amazing prints and journals under the brand name of Blanco Quaderno. One of the regular artist-seller at Future Market @ Escolta. An event organized by 98b in it's effort to help revitalize old Manila.

You can follow Dian's work here

Gerome Soriano

Introduce yourself and your background

Blanco Quaderno

I am Dian V. Masinsin. I studied architecture
I also love art, and was fortunate to participate on a few art exhibitions.
I like exploring different mediums in art. Learning new things is my driving force. If I become interested on a certain process to create something, I make it a point to study that process.

Gerome Soriano

Currently, I see that your selling hand-made journals and prints at your booth. What is it about prints and journals that caught your interest enough to study and make them?

Blanco Quaderno

I came out of a failure before I made my journals. I was finding something new to do. I love books & journals. I was considering buying a journal but couldn't find anything that I like, I decided to make one myself. I researched on how to bind books, tried it, liked it and some people bought it.

As for the prints, I stumbled across printmaking while I was doing my thesis. As part of my research, I had to understand certain mediums of art and its processes. To further my knowledge of printmaking, I interviewed Ms. Ambie Abano of PAP (Philippine Association of Printmakers) while she was having a printmaking class, I became curious and wanted to try it. I received an update from PAP that they are holding a workshop, so I attended a class and I enjoyed it. I also like the fact that there is no single process to arrive at an outcome.

Gerome Soriano

Ok, thanks for the time  

Meet Dian and other artist-sellers at the Future Market @ Escolta happening this Satuday August 17. Join the facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/659613500729414/

You can follow Dian's work here

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