My current pricing model

"The more a things is appreciated. The more it appreciates (in value)."

I heard that someone or somewhere. Appreciation is a big thing it's one of the four immeasurables in Buddhism. And it's one of the things I need to work on.

A local well-known ex admen "fine art" photographer says that his photographic prints appreciates in value from the time it is printed and signed. Even if it stays stuck in the attic where no one sees it.

That is just bs. How can something that no one sees be more beautiful. Scarcity. That's hoarding. That's greediness.

And unless that has some antique or historical value.

Why the hell would I (as a collector) buy a print that has already some wear and tear due time. Even more compared to a new shiny mint print right of the printer.

I believe in my work and I believe it is good even better compared to some work out there. And I also believe that all good things have to flow. They have be natural.

That's why I'm pricing my work quite low. I can say badly low. So that it gets out there fast and it gets the feedback that it needs.

And the more it is appreciated. Bought. Smiled at. Positively reviewed. Then the more it appreciates.

So my current pricing method goes price it as low as I can accept. Or as fair as I can accept.

And if the response of the audience is great. Awesome. Excellent.

Meaning it almost get out of stock. Or it gets greatly commended.

Then I raise the price. Well, still depends on how it feels.

But then that's the gist the more it is appreciated the more it appreciates.

And the appreciator is not the audience alone.

If I through great love and appreciation for the work. Decides to amp it up a notch.

By adding something that will improve it significantly.

Then I raise the price.

So there I will constantly raise the price so long as the work is appreciated.

So don't buy if you don't want me to raise prices :)

But buy now while it is at a lower price :)

Because mind you I will think of ways to find those people who will appreciate my work.

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