The price that we need to pay

Everything is causes and effects man. Causes and effects I say.

Dreams are effects and in order to reach them we have to be willing to provide it's causes. In other words pay the price.

I've been rereading and absorbing in a much deeper level the wonderful free e-book by Johnny B. Truant titled How to be Legendary.

Search it out and give it a read or two I'm sure it's worth it. Especially if your the dreamer type like me.

There's a section there called Pay the Price.

"For example, hereʼs Jon again paraphrasing billionaire Felix Dennis:
He said, “You have to be insane to want to be a billionaire, because you have to give up everything. Give
up having kids that love you. Give up having spouses that love you. Give up having friends that love you.
Give up having anyone that cares about you. Go ahead and commit to be alone and fighting your entire
life. You want to be a billionaire? Thatʼs how you do it.”"

The statement above reminds me so much of a girl I woed and later broke my heart. Yeah I'm not good at those things.

Well one of her dreams is to become rich. I guess being an ass towards me is one of the price she had to pay and I have to suffer for. I don't know maybe she will also give up her friends. Continue lying to herself (that's my opinion and ego talking). And continue on her adventure on being rich, angry and hypocritic (again that's me ego).

But this really got me thinking this topic I say.

Because some of my friends listened to me sincerely when I communicated my intention of being an artist. The gallery, contemporary, pa-deep type of artist like Sir Mark and the like. They took the time and gave attention when I talked about that intention. And asked questions that were relevant and helpful to me.

But also there were others that took that as a joke. Like Contemporary Artist pa-deep Hehehehe. Tapos palit ng topic. Magpeperformance art ka! ahahaha. That bothered me a bit. But I understand that comment because before I had a similar impression about artists of that kind though I was more willing to listen to explanations.

So that's one of the price I had to pay to continue in this dream.

The friend that laughed at the notion. Well he too has a dream and quite frankly he is enviably well ahead of most of us in his college group of friends. He worked hard and paid his dues.

He was not able to join us in our BFF salu-salos almost whole of last year. Shunned most of his female (and male) admirers so that he can focus on his craft. And spent a whole lot of time busting his ass to improve and deliver quality illustrations.

That's the price he had to pay for his dream.

Our choices have effects and they don't happen on their own accord we have done something to cause them to happen.

That 9-5 job is a choice.

That freelance work is a choice.

That oversleeping is a choice.

That irritation and anger is a choice.

That staleness is a choice.

That lack of resources is a choice.

We are not in control of everything but we are in control of enough of things that we can direct our life the way we want it to be.

But can't we have it all.

Very little is impossible. So I guess we can. But are you willing to pay the price?  

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