True Selfishness

True selfishness consists of wishing others well and causing them to be happy.

Why is that? If others are well they will not cause you to be irritated.

If they are content they will not be interested in grabbing what it is you have.

If they are happy they will not be envious of your happiness.

If they are wise they will have no reason to be shitty for no reason.

If they are filled with love they will have no taint of enmity in their hearts.

If they are protected from dangers they will have no self-reproach.

If they are peaceful they will not be angry, loud,disturbing, stupid, arrogant, etc.

If they are calm they will be able to take unpleasant things with more tolerance and kindness.

If they free from hatred they will well, very well. And happy.

Giving people material things may be good to some degree but it can only help so much. Especially money.

What we desire most are those that are intangible those that are beyond words and description. Those that are inexhaustibly pleasurable.

We all act shitty because we feel disturbed by outside circumstances but if we are extremely happy if we are well.

We act more kindly.

Like when it's your day you don't take small irritating things seriously you just shove them off. Or if there is something you can do you help out.

But when it's a bad day all things cause you to be angry or to be depressed like everyone is against you.

It's in the eye of the beholder. The mind of the experiencer.

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