Please bear with me or leave I'm going to have one of this artist inner dialogue thing.

So what is the plan?

The plan is to try things. Different. Exciting. Fun. Things.

Then what?

Offer them to people for sale so that I can continue making fun, different, exciting things.


But will that not confuse people?

yes it will and it's one of the points. Ayokong makilala bilang as Gerome the kite aerial photographer. O Gerome the gear art maker. Gusto kong makilala bilang si Gerome yung labu-labong magaganda bagay ang ginagawa.

How will you find the people who would be interested in buying the things you made?

This I'm having a problem with because the internet does bring me in front of a lot of people but it does not connect as intimately as eye-to-eye communication does.

And I don't have much venue for that kind of communication.

Why not just make those venues?
Hmmmmm. Pwede. Pwedeng pwede.

Diba ayun yung concept ng art cart.

Kaso ang problema wala ka pang masyadong ibebenta kaya tingnan mo kailangan mo pang magwork-work so ang solusyon sa problema mong confusion ngayon ay mag-focus sa paggawa ng mga gawa :)

solb? solb

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