Loaning Rights?

I've worked with a camera company. That provided me some resources for my kite aerial photography work.

Unfortunately they made some changes.

I love their camera. In fact I would choose it over the brand of my personal camera. The quality and ease of use is just awesome.

And I love using their camera. Been able to use their unit for almost a year I'm missing it.

But I rather use my battle-scarred-salt-water-swimming camera than be able to use their camera and give the copyrights of some of the images I will be making with it.

I explained and reiterated in my e-mails that such practice is not good for photographers and that the best I could give is limited rights to use the images.

Then they said that it would be unfair for "others" if they gave me that exception. And that I would surely have some photos that I could give away (trashy photos which would give me a trashy reputation, no way).

I'm curious who are those others that agreed to such an agreement. Don't they know they are hurting their work and the industry by agreeing to such terms.

What if they decide to print those photos in underwears for promotion?

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