History of kite aerial photography to the present

My name is Gerome Soriano and I am the Greatest Kite Aerial Photographer of the Philippines.

I have been doing kite aerial photography since 2011 when I did it for my college thesis at the University of Santo Tomas College of Fine Arts and Design.

Now my challenge is to capture kite aerial photographs of the wonderful places and people from all around the Philippines :)

To invite more Filipinos to join me in practicing kite aerial photography.

And to rekindle the Filipino tradition of kite-flying :)

Now I am going to teach you the history of kite aerial photography to the present.


In May 1816 Niepce managed to fix the images formed on paper coated with silver chloride. August 19, 1839, the deputyFrançois Arago unveiled before the Academies of Sciences and Fine Arts discovered Jacques Daguerre, the daguerreotype(photography shot on copper plate covered with a layer of silver sensitized by iodine fumes ).

It's 20 years later, in 1888, a French, Arthur Batut, makes its 1st aerial photography with a kite in his farm of En Laure at Labruguière (Tarn).

In 1889, Arthur Batut publishes in Nature a magnificent event obtained at 127 m in height, representing the farm Enlaure. (Labruguière - Tarn). Aerial photography by kite was born.

In May 1895, an American journalist, William A. Eddy, of Bayonne (New Jersey) took the first aerial photograph by kite of the New Continent and obtained the views format 8.89 x 8.89 cm, raising his camera using kites dihedral-shaped diamond,driving without tail and inspired kites Malaysia.

Beginning in May 1904, many ships are equipped with sets of kites for both ascents to experiences of wireless telegraphy or photography.

In the USA, in 1905, G. Lawrence , experimented with aerial photography from a ship, the USS Maine. The kites used were of regular hexagonal type made of light pine frame covered with muslin and known as the"Conyne", the name of the inventor.

Today, equipment is changing (digital camera, return video to the ground, orientation and trigger the camera by remote control radio, ..) and technical of kites refined
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