Two years ago something happened

Something that is just part of exploring kite aerial photography.

Something that kite aerial photographers deem as inevitable and that would come in time.

And came it did with me two years.


Yup two year ago my camera crash landed. What's even more hard was that the camera not only crash landed it also got soaked.


As we all know salt water and electronics don't go well.

Though I might say that I was quite lucky because after that event my camera still functioned well for some time. Indeed for a long time. For two years until sometime late last year it finally broke down.

I went down to quiapo to have them take a look at it. At first kuya fixed the problem of the camera not turning on. That took him some time. Then I pointed to him that the camera won't read my memory card anymore. 

He took the camera again for a second look. Opened it up and there voila! the electronic board is whitey because of the corrosion.

That part would need to be replaced and that would cost me some money.

my dear D60 in all it's glory mounted in the kite aerial photography rig

Phillip - Lemery, Batangas - limited edition kite aerial photography print - archival type C print
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There close to the beach line. Where the sea meets the beach. Somewhere there my camera crash landed. Then the wave got a snag of it.

Though I'm very lucky

Because I have friends who know and understand enough what I do and trust me enough. That they lent me their cameras :)

T_T  thank you friends :)

Crash into you - La Union - limited edition kite aerial photography print - archival type C print
email me at for inquiries about my prints

My good friend Brikko Dumas :) woot woot! thanks Bricx lent me his Nikon D60 for the photograph above :) 

Then my super Ninang Sally :) woot woot! thanks Ninang Sally tagged me along her La Union adventure :)

Malolos Sports Complex - Malolos, Bulacan - no print available yet
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Then my good friend Michael Diaz :) lent me his wonderful Infrared converted Nikon D70 :) that's the reason for wonderfully odd orange :) Woot woot! thanks Magu :)

And thanks to Mr. Kyle Shih :) who for the second time :) invited me to his place in Malolos and helped me do kite aerial photography there :)

It's good to shoot in Malolos :) Just like Kyle said no one will bother us :) Saya :)

But then again this could not last very long :) So I do want to get my camera fixed :) 

If you have ideas, would like to lend me your camera, or something do let me know at

1,000 pesos worth of prints!!!!! free! gratis! on the studio! my compliments :)
Not just one print but TWO!
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