An interview with Dr. Anselmo “Jun” Tripon. A former kite aerial photographer and a dentist on the Bel-Air Dental Care in Makati.

Dr. Jun Tripon in his dental clinic in makati writing down notes about the kite aerial photography rig he was helping me built

Gerome Soriano: Sir Orly Ongkingco of the Kite Association of the Philippines said that you do kite aerial photography?

Dr. Jun Tripon: That is true. But that was during the film days around 1994 to 95. I had a rig with a pan and tilt mechanism. It used an intervalometer to activate the shutter. It was a bit shaky. And during those times I was the only one doing it. And if someone is to do kite aerial photography today, I believe it would be a lot easier.

GS: So you built your own rig for kite aerial photography.

JT: Yes. I’m a dentist by profession but I was able to take up a year on engineer in UST before studying to be a dentist. Thus on my free time I engineer and machinate things.

GS: Wow. I am currently doing a thesis on kite aerial photography and am having problems finding an engineer willing to help me build my rig. Will you help me?

JT: Well, I am interested to do it again. You can check out the internet for kite aerial photography rigs we can get inspirations from. And from there we could reverse engineer to be able to adapt to the materials that would not be available here in the Philippines.

GS: I have no knowledge whatsoever in engineering or machining. The only things I’ve ever tinkered were “Tamiyas”.

JT: That’s good enough. I can teach you and let you use some of my equipment. I really would like to try kite aerial photography again. 

After that conversation I was asked to drop by and talk with Dr. Jun Tripon at his office in Makati where we begun planning on how to go about building the camera rig to be used for kite aerial photography.

Dr. Tripon's clinic

Dr. Jun Tripon working on electronics

The kite aerial photography rig that Dr. Jun Tripon and I made.
Made of aluminum. Mounted is my Nikon D60.

Looking Up No.1 - limited edition kite aerial photography print - archival type C print
email me at for inquiries about my prints

This is one of the few photographs I made with our first successful kite aerial photography session in Boulevard in Morong, Rizal. Lolo Ruben helped me out with the kite-flying. The kite we used here was a pink and green fish-shaped delta kite lent to me by Sir Orly Ongkingco and Ma'am Yoli of the Kite Association of the Philippines.

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