What was the last book you read :)

Above is the photo of the 98-b Collaboratory library I am the space keeper Thursdays 1 to 5 pm. Meaning I stay there :) waiting for visitors like you to come :)

What was the last book you read

Right now I am reading a couple of things :) I love reading :) though not that intensively :)

I read to start the day off :) then when waiting in non-shaky environments :)

Then listen to audiobooks and interviews and stuff :) I've shifted from listening to cool, hip, music :) to listening to educational, insightful stuffs much like reading

And I've come across this stuff that when you listen to something for like 21 times or more it becomes somehow ingrained in your subconscious that you are able to remember and apply the lessons from what you listened to when suitable circumstances come up :)

So it's a mental diet of sorts :)

I like reading success and entrepreneurship books :) nonfictions

Books about leadership, public speaking, social intelligence and stuff :)

Dale Carneggie! I enjoy Dale Carneggie books :)

Robert Greene from time to time and when tackling problems that are tackled on his books. Like being on the receiving end of powertrips. Lose the battle win the war :) We eliminate an enemy by becoming his friend.

Seduction :) The triangle effect inspire jealousy.

Mastery! Trust the process :)

Success things like As a man thinketh, some Napoleon Hill though I doubt some of his thoughts

Economics I got this steal from a booksale. Superfreakonomics! funny, entertaining and informational and weird. Artfully weird stuff. Like horse shit is a lot shittier than cars.

Imagine a congested urban city overpowering with the smell of horse shit.

And the idea of geoengineering :) I love that stuff. And the story of making changes happen about Semmelwies which is a very nice conjunction with Mastery by Robert Greene where he has a part about Semmelweis too and his opposite :)

So what have you been reading lately :)

Do comment below :) and share your takeways, entertaining bits and stuff :)

Then do drop by 98b Thurs 1 to 5 pm  :) read some of the awesome books on the 98b library and talk about the books you have been reading lately :)

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