Mark Salavatus: Several Souvenirs

Magazine pages framed and composited nicely into the gallery wall.

Nice lighting. Very bright.

Video art.

Money/currencies of different countries flashing in a stopmotion speed. You could slightly make out the bills but not enough if you're not familiar with them.

Old magazine pages. Old frames. Or at least old looking.

One of the book. Ah! their books not magazines, sorry for that.

One of the book, Carlos Celdran said is a very rare book! And to think that Sir Mark tore pages from that :)

The books were taken by an American Actress/Photographer Gina Lollobrigida who was commissioned by Imelda Marcos.

Who said Carlos Celdran had an affair with Marcos.

Which was the reason that the books were not paid.

What's fascinating about the books and images Sir Mark said is that this was a "misinformation, propaganda" campaign by the Marcos' to project a "paradise" image of the Philippines.

Pigment print on paper.

"Blood money" is not here. Sir Mark said that it was in Drawing Room.

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