Art report 02-26-2014

Yeah! 2014! Keep all the good things coming!!!!

Kristoffer Ardena

Nice to meet with Kris again at the talk of Ambie and ACC in Altromondo.

Got to hang out with him and Lex. Yeah working on that fare to Dumaguete Kris :)

Kris is on monster production mode in Dumaguete with some really awesome work.

Find it hard to believe that he likes my work considering the level of achievement he is at :)

Kudos to your new work Kris!


Wuhoo!!!! Thanks to 98b for including me in the ESC project in Intramuros. To Maoi, Mark, Mayumi, Pot, Don, Camz, Mik, Jazz, Derek, Jazz, Cian, Dex.

Awesome to meet fellow artists and talk about art and stuff.

Jazz's installation was extremely enviable. Like how does he come out with those concepts!

Cian's too was great. Those altar and incense and those earthy elements that blend nicely to the environment.

Kuya Dex set-up that made his stickers looked like banderitas. And the way he came up with the representations of his stickers and drawings.

And Derek's video-mapping which is something new to my ear. Which I heard from Merv is usually used by DJs.


Kuya Clark for being extremely helpful!

Ma'am Ria!!!! super helpful!

And of course to Carlos Celdran for coming up with the event!

First time to see sky lanterns T_T ang ganda ganda sana wala ng fireworks na nakakatakot ganun na lang T_T


Is now big time!!!!

Congrats on the feature!!!

Is a good friend who I met at Mark's and Stephanie's Workshop in 98b.

He works with watercolor. He is one of the few friends I can talk geekily to about art, contemporary art, video art, new media art, the art that is happening elsewhere, etc.

And congrats too on the Art Fair!!!!

Sam Kiyoumarsi

Is a three headed giant talking about the wonderfulness/craziness/shitiness of the world and whatnot.

All at the same time!!!!

Easy to find strange! Hard to completely understand!

But awesome guy! Very honest and smart! intelligent! kind compassionate! Unruly!


Man I'll run out of adjectives!

He's into those universal, karma, serendipity, ask and it is given, law of attraction, anunaki, ancient alien thing! and deep into that!

But I'm amazed! I'm amazed how he is able to hold all through!

Some truth revealed, but can I talk about it

I have been of the saddest and most shame guilty of being blunderous in my social skill.

I have made many a mistakes talking too frankly and damagingly.

I sitll can't get my head around this.

I am interested in talking objectively about things but I have learned that not all are.

So for now I leave those kind of things to in-person discussions :)

Rizal Park NCCA

Nice to meet new friends, artist friends and show my work :)

In a new venue of me :)

Winter Garden

Really awesome T_T

Thanks to Miss Kat for telling me that there was an opening at MET that day :)

Awesome works by japanese artists.

I especially enjoyed the video works :)

Sir Mark's show at 1335 Mabini

Nice place :)

Nice show :)

Nice stories :)

How the worked developed and from where the materials were sourced :)

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