Rig Building Material Sources

Material sources I used to build my kite aerial photography rig.


The gears I use in my kite aerial photography rig are from E-gizmo in Taft.

They have a pile there of gears you just have to scavenge and match gears that will match.

I use a big gear to small gear on the top mechanism of my rig to extend the degree of movement of the servo from about 90 degrees to about 280 degrees.

site http: //www.e-gizmo.com/

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Aluminum flat bars and angle bars

I source my aluminum from T. Alonzo street in Manila. On the way to Divisoria.

There are many shops there that sell aluminum and other metals.

The last time I've been there they charged me for 40 pesos per feet of a 1/8th thick and two inch wide aluminum flat bar. And the same for a 1/8th think half inch by half inch angle bar.

Try to stay away from the thin aluminum that can be bought from aluminum and glass supplies especially if you intent on using a heavy camera. But I suggest to avoid them altogether because they have the tendency to split when over bent.

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yung pinupuntahan ko na aluminum shop sa may right side mo siya from recto medyo pagkalagpas lang ng Soler St.

Servos and transmitters

Servos are the muscle of your rig they are the ones that makes the rig come to robotic life.

And the transmitter and receiver are your means of control.

I sourced my servos from Lil's Futaba in Megamall. There is also a branch in Makati Cinema Square.

I bought Futaba mainly because of the brand. But I've learned from experience that cheaper unknown brands are quite reliable too.

I bought my current transmitter/receiver set a 7 channel from a shop near Robinson's Galleria. Brand Wfly. Quite good.

Be careful to check that your servos will attach to the receiver because the other servo brand that is quite famous but I don't remember the name. Uses a different arrangement of wires for there servos.

So just bring along your servos to the shop to test.

I also use metal geared servos because I use a dslr in my rig. And I've destroyed several plastic regular servos along the way that I invested in metal-geared servos.

Again you can buy generic unknown brand metal geared servos. I opted for a Futaba before because of the name recognition and the accesibility of the model type from the web. But you can save a hell lot by opting for the generic ones. Which I think can do as good a job for kite aerial photography.

site http://lilsfutaba.net/about/
Lil’s Hobby Center- West Capitol Branch
15 West Capitol Drive, Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Telephone Number:(02)633-6358

Lil’s Hobby Center- SM MEGAMALL
Bldg. A Basement, SM Megamall EDSA cor.Doña J Vargas St. Mandaluyong City,
Metro Manila,Philippines
Telephone Number: (02) 633-6358
Fax Number: 816-1601
E-mail: megamall@lilsfutaba.net

Lil’s Hobby Center- MAKATI
3107 3rd Floor, Glorietta 2, Ayala Center, Makati City, Metro Manila,
Philippines Telephone Number: 819 1646
E-mail: parksquare@lilsfutaba.net

site http://lowdog.sulit.com.ph/
ayun lowdog pala ang name ng shop

CONTACT: 0917-309-6625 ;6875343
We accept major credit cards / paypal
We Ship Nationwide thru AIR21, LBC, PAMBATO, FASTPACK, CEBUPAK etc......

Rig Building: Batteries

I don't know how to use a lithium ion battery pack. So i opted for 4 sets of double a batteries. Sanyo.

I bought them from Hidalgo. You can get the cheapest price by going around the camera shops there.

I also opted for double a's because I can also use them on other devices. Specifically for my now dead hot shoe flash.

Be also on the look out for battery chargers that have dischargers because most rechargeable battery have this memory effect on them.

That when you don't drain them and charge them they tend to remember the percentage remaining as the battery drained. So 50 percent power will be treated as 0 percent power and from there the battery deteriorates.


I use a newstar battery charger I scored from a car gadgets shop. Quite a deal compared to other chargers with battery drainers.


Rig Building: Tripod screw

I sourced the tripod screw from a generic spare tripod mount from CDR-king.

Bought one for 50 pesos i think then saw through it to get the screw.

I also added rubber to the camera mount area so that the camera will not slip from side to side.

Take note of putting a protective tape on the screw on the back of the camera. To protect the lcd screen from scratches.

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