Charles Darwin Apprenticeship phase breakdown based on Mastery by Robert Greene

Charles' father was a successful country doctor having high hopes for his sons. He was the third.

But learning from books did not interest him. He loved the outdoors - huntin, etc.

Charles was sent to a medical school but could not stand gore.

His father got him a future position as a country parson in the church (whatever that is).

That allowed him to continue his hobby for collecting specimens.

He enjoyed observing birds and taking down notes. elaborate notes.

He got into botany and became friends with his instructor.

He barely graduated then continued his passion for the outdoors for some time.

Then he was called back home.

To his surprise he found a letter from his instructor recommending him for a position as an unpaid naturalist in a ship that would be on a several year global survey.

Now wanting to escape from the religious position that his father has set for him and the possibility of an adventure appealing to him very well he took the offer.

Alas! Darwin our boy is not used to the seas and he was continually sea sick. Longed for the safety of home. And had near lethal heart palpitations.

Plus the moodswingin Captain FitzRoy and the sailors eyeing him.

Then a few weeks into the journey he thought of changing his game.

Or better yet setting up a game for himself.

He remembered that when he was at home whenever he was very disturbed he would go out to the wild and observe life there and take strenous notes.

He thought, Aha! I would do the same to this new strange environment that I'm and study the Captain and the sailors as I have studied birds and insects.

He observed the stoicism of the sailors and began to adapt their attitude. He observed that the Captain wanted constant validation. That he supplied endlessly.

Slowly he made himself at home at sea in the ship.

Then several months in the journey he understood why he wanted to be in the journey. The intense variety of wildlife. It was like nothing he had ever seen.

A dream in coming to life. Even better than the wildest dream he could have imagined perhaps.

So from there on he got more and more specimens to bring back to England. Got more and more in home in the ship. Even got the good side of the Captain to allow him a few weeks to explore the Galapagos islands.

He came back to England a very changed man indeed. Perhaps with sailor language and accent and more stout posture.

And with the theory of evolution still kinda blurry but on the works.

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