Art Report 2013-10-20

1) Systems thinking

A good idealogy I got from a post by Vince Wong. Really good :) And you can get educated for free. Right now I'm trying to get my work procedures into writing. Can't still get how an art project will look will when finished.

And still struggling how I can get the good project a good enough attention to be able to pay for itself at least.

2) Growth Hacking

So I got too Growth Hacking. Which I initially heard from Ryan Holiday who was the mind behind Tim Ferriss' and Robert Greene's marketing campaigns. From there I followed the lead.

Whadyaknow Jonah Berger is there.

I still don't quite get the system of Growth Hacking though because most of the products in the case studies were already big times or are web-based.

I do quite get the pirate AARRR explanation of Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral and Revenue.

Still need to study and apply this :)

3) Kwarto Obscura

My efforts of doing a Abelardo Morell Room with a View has been a success.

Here are the contact sheets :)

Planning to do more of this in the future.

Next target a friend's house.

4) Bad disease

Yeah I got a bad disease. Dis-ease.

Got bad sinuses.

But now getting better.

5) Mentore

UCC the coffe shop where my Dad works for. Has opened a new shop in SM Aura. And I helped him installed murals and signages at the store.

Whatdidyouknow it was just in time with Manila Art.

6) Manila Art

I accompanied Sir Lorenzo Gabutina to Manila Art.

There was an installation by Metropolitan museum just near Mentore.

There was this work by Ivan and Pauline Despi that was colorful, digital and generative that was really fun to watch grow.

And Veejay Villafranca's work was also there.

And David Griggs which caught my attention from a far. I had two heads sticking out of the ground talking to each other. It seemed like an indie film. When I went down to see it. It was hilarious! Two heads talking about shits and things and where is Francis?

7) Exhibit proposal

I liked some of the displays on Manila Art that I decided to e-mail them in the hopes of making a good working relationship.

Still unsure how I will it will go. One gallery responded positively hope to talk to them more.

Follow-up :)

8) Travelibre

A lead my good friend Jude referred to me. Emailed them got a good response and I'm already listed in their roster of photographers and graphic artists. Hope to see them in person by the end of the month.

Still haven't confirmed yet if I can go to a shoot in Paranaque. Still thinking about it.

9) Solar

The solar shoot for the Artist of the Week feature would probably be out tomorrow. I hope :) Will be on the look out for that one.

10) Teaching position

I'm now scouting for a teaching position. Preferably in the arts. Because primarily I don't have regular income coming in and no means of funding my projects. But more importantly because I want to share the knowledge that I got from experience.

Which I think will be really useful for art students. Skills like getting sponsors, making the most out of attending talks and forums, joining art fairs, etc. Of course some basics. Photography which is my forte.

11) Future Market

Yesterday was a blast! Sold only two small pieces but that's natural whenever I raise my price.

Can't lower my price because there's a direction I'm going to with my prices and works. But for the following months I will stick to my current pricing.

The art swaps/trades was really great :) Print from Cian, stamp and illustration and bracelet and keychain from Paola and a comic book in progress from Milo :)

It was along fun talking to Jane of Fancy Momsy I do hope her endeavors goes well :) May all the Buddhas bless her!

Victor's work at the Esc project/parallel event was great. Replacement animation was mesmerizing and new to see for me.

Talking about his process was really fascinating. And kudos to him for his perseverance to doing those kinds of works :)

It was also good to talk to Kat from Designer's Crib. The booth beside me.

There were also a lot of beautiful women there :))))

Thanks to Ma'am Ria and her mother for offering me water and bread. Nakakahiya na :)

Then there was Luke who brought his friend Danny along.

Luke is the one that brought one of my "Genesis" prints and I can see that he's loving it.

That print is really getting some disproportionate attention.

Luke and Danny just laughed at the US shutdown. Good thing they got to keep their job :) Hope them the best.

There were also a lot of new sellers yesterday.

I also got to finally meet Ysab :) who I've been chatting a lot of facebook.

Nichi from UST with her friend Jay also dropped by.

Ria from the open coffee of Juan Great Leap also dropped by :)

I aslo got to talk to Sir Robert about their plans for Escolta. Still thinking about how I can help out on that one.

Then was Nora. Who sadly exhausted her wallet before seeing my booth :) She's new here in the Philippines and will be living here. Her Filipino friend brought her along. I do hope she can go at the November market so she can take home one of my work. I can see that she really loved them :)

My flipbooks are also getting quite a lot of attention :) I should print more of those and offer them :)

I also got to talk to Dian how her works got to Nice story of how one thing leads to another to another to another.

Then there was also photography hobbyist Chris Linag who I found out was a buddy of Geloy.

12) Escolta Heritage

Got to converse with Sir Roberto about their plans about Escolta.

We talked about the possibility of doing kite aerial photography from top of the buildings but he was hesitant because of the possibility of somebody falling down and the possibility of causing roof leaks.

But we'll see.

13) Matting

Kuya Veejay and I also talked about the possibility of doing their matting for Imprenta. Hope that goes well :)

So those are the things happening right now :)


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