How is Gerome Doing

September 17, 2013

Privileged. Most privileged position under my parents and family to pursue what I want. Providing me with food, shelter, good internet net connection and abundant love.

If it weren't for them I would have been working for work's sake, losing my sanity and not been able to do the "getting better" works that I done so far.

No commission. No service photography. No Bosses. Yehey! Which kind sucks sometimes because I would ask people for advice and they would say that it would still be up to me to choose what to do.

Sometimes I miss those zombie-mind-days when professors or bosses would just yell what they want me to do and I would go and serve them the best I can.

And it's have to decide sometimes. That's why it's good that I have friends and mentors who are there to help me see the world, a much wider perspective and with much more potentialities to explore.

Little money. No security. It can be hard to depend money almost solely (if not solely) on the sale of my artworks. And I've grown more frugal than before. Annoying sales clerk with my long decision-making-to-buy-sessions.

But I've learned to work it out somehow. No money work with available materials plus no problem of thinking about what should I do with my money because I have none.

Money. Ah! be careful where you spend it.

My money mostly goes to: kite travels, art talk travels, art materials, books and a little creature comforts.
And I've been reading more lately. Dan Kennedy, Victor Fankl, Robert Greene on Seduction, War, Power and Mastery, Time Ferris, Jason Horjes, Brainard Carey, Napoleon Hill, Dale Carneggie, and more.

Then adding skills in my arsenal too. Paper mache, left-had writing (I'm right-handed), tonglen, more mantra, cold-calling, follow-up, and smiling (I used to be a young-heavy-metal-head-banging-teen-grouch).

God!!! this is going good for me so far. Am quite scared sometimes because of the monsters that may live in the uncertainty of what' to happen next. But am also excited about the treasures and beautiful princesses that might be lurking there to.

And if all goes well. It would really be well. Not just for me but for those around me too. And if not. Ah! nothing teaches a man more than failures and mistakes! and nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm and persistence! So maybe I'll take a break, recoup my energy and regroup the forces.

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