My Current Lifestyle

Gerome is so lucky he gets to live as an artist.

Gerome is so lucky he gets to live with a part-time job.

But art is Gerome's job. Gerome shows up everyday chunks out artworks. And Gerome shows up when there are oppurtunity to share/sell some of his works.

On the last of part of his artist statement is this: "He produces art objects as a way of sharing the experience and sustaining the practice"

Some artists thinks that selling art is equivalent to selling out. They think that money is dirty and that art is pure and sacred and should not be bothered with the muck of this worldly world.

I would prefer to think that money is a tool. And that they are essentially neutral and full of potential. In the Buddhist language "empty".

To make art for Gerome is to be happy. Not to share those happy artworks for Gerome is selfish happiness. To share those artworks for Gerome is sharing happiness.

So why sell? not just share for free? Art I think is itself free. But materials, nutritional needs, comforts, etc. are not free. So there is a need for selling. Because without it the circle will be disturbed and the practice will not be sustained.

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