Letting go of an opportunity

Lately I've been given an opportunity to work in a studio. I was referred to the studio by a more accomplished photographer.

The opportunity really got me thinking into taking the job. But my mother said that she would be needing me to stay in the house.

Because we will be transferring from our current apartment to somewhere else very soon and our househelper which is really close to us will be leaving us soon too because my mother has not been able to give her salary on schedule.

So I'll be the "tambay" of the house together with our dog Lancie. Perhaps I'll be the ones doing the laundry too. Maybe some cooking but mind you I am not good at that. Maybe some ironing too. I am also not good at that.

I am also partly averse to the type of work produced in the studio. I am not into fashion. And a lot of shoots I've seen from the studio's portfolio include the theme of fashion. I'm just not into that type of work.

I can get pretty nasty and irritated when forced to do those type of works. Perhaps my "libogtographer" friends would be interested.

I've decided not to take the job. Ultimately because I'm not the guy for the job. I just might ruin the atmosphere of a shoot. And someone out there will be very very happy to get that job and would be joyful to be part of those types of work. And taking that job will prevent that someone-out-there from getting in.

So I hope the studio and that someone-out-there meet each other.

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