The secret sauce to attaching your camera rig to the kiteline

My name is Gerome Soriano and I am the Greatest Kite Aerial Photographer of the Philippines.

I have been doing kite aerial photography since 2011 when I did it for my college thesis at the University of Santo Tomas College of Fine Arts and Design.

Now my challenge is to capture kite aerial photographs of the wonderful places and people from all around the Philippines :)

To invite more Filipinos to join me in practicing kite aerial photography.

And to rekindle the Filipino tradition of kite-flying :)

Now I am going to teach you the secret sauce to attaching your camera rig to the kiteline

Senorito Brooks is the one who designed this awesome stuff made to attaching your kite aerial photography rig to the kite in a secure and efficient manner :)

The best so far :)

imagen de mi buen amigo Marc Capistrano

Introducing the Brooxes Hang-up!

This is a simple device for attaching the Picavet suspension to the kite line without putting excessive strain on the line. This is the original design, made out of high-density polyethylene, but they've also been made successfully out of wood.

imagen de mi buen amigo Michael Diaz


is free to download from Senorito Brook's site

"Dimensions need not be exact; mine are
1/2 x 3/4 x 2 inches. I use high-density
polyethylene or UHMW — the stuff cutting
boards are made from. Do NOT use styrene
or other low-strength material."

Mine is made with aluminum which was what I had close by.

Then the screws were secured with ample amount of superglue so that they are sure to not go off which they did on my first use of it.

Crowds and Kites - Pampanga - limited edition kite aerial photography print - archival type C print
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