Systems systems systems

I'm curious about how things work :) I remember as a young boy I enjoy watching discovery channel, reading encyclopedias and I did quite well in high school in Physics.

I curious how come some experiments don't work out as the book say it would turn out to be.

I'm curious about how did the Universe really started. Things like that :)

Nowadays I am curious how the contemporary art as an industry functions and how am I as an artist can function effectively within in and thrive.

And I think a big part of being effective and yielding good results again and again is systems.

Having systems, following systems, building systems, rebuilding systems. Systems!

I read this book called Work the System by Sam Carpenter.

It's an awesome book and it's free there's also an audio version of that I think.

Basically he's saying that systems has changed his life and business for the better and he believes and KNOWS that it can do the same for us too.

And Dan Kennedy, who I am reading a lot of now because of his awesomeness in marketing, also talked about systems in his small e-book Snap out of it.

Aletta de Wal and John T. Unger also talked about it in this podcast

Specifically how creatives think they are different and how it can apply to us for our betterment.

Systems!!! :)

Right now I am developing some systems of my own nothing too fancy.

One for addressing the inconsistent cash flow that I am experiencing as an artist and will probably experience for the rest of my life. How to make the good times help the bad times.

And another for categorizing which ones of my plans do I need to prioritize. An artist can be too creative for his own good and be too overwhelmed with the vastness of the things he wants to do.

How about you?

Have you thought about systems? Yeah most of the governments' system suck but maybe some of ours too :)

Where are the cogs and hang-ups stopping our success mechanism?

Do share your systems in the comments below :)

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