Getting things Done

I am now enjoying emptying my mind not in a zen meditation way but in a getting things done way :)

I saw this book:

It caught my interest especially this flow chart:

So I looked up the author when I got back home. And watched this two videos:

Right now I am on the process of collecting the things that I would like to do and categorizing them on different files.

Not aiming to finish that anytime soon but am chunking out little bits in it.

And so far I am experiencing more clarity in what things do I need to prioritize to yield more results and bring me closer to results that have more complicated paths toward them.

Yeah and it's fun!!!

I guess I will swapping playing computer games with playing with plans and ideas which goes where. And is this more important than that.

So yeah!

How about you! what methods do you use to get things done?

What do you do when you noticed that you have too much things you wanna do and not enough time?

Do share your thoughts in the comments below :)

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