Gary Varchenhuk on being human

I love Chase Jarvis live! so many great interviews :) Like the one with Ramit then the other with Ferriss then another one with Greene soooooo good :)

And this is another one fo those so good, i think they're all good I just need find the time to listen to all of them :)

But wait I have this awesome technique of converting those youtube videos to mp3 files then i play them again and again and again while doing other none-intensive thinking things. Like painting or sleeping or checking facebook.

So this interview with Gary is unlike the other episodes I watched because it is mostly questions and answers.

I'm still not soaking all from this episode to notice the things I would not want to emulate. But one thing I would like to emulate is Gary's production over consumption.

There is a part on the interview where he is saying that once he publishes his third book he has made more books than he had actually read.

Damn! for me that is just so odd and awesome because I personally have this tendency of consume and consume and put very little into action and production.

Yeah! and another takeaway for me is the jab, jab, right hook metaphor for give, give, ask in social media marketing.

Social media is a big thing for me. It's where I make friends, make better friendships and make enemies :)

I love the internet!!!!

So this is part of that giving :) These have been good on me and I would like to stop some of the negative things i've been doing before (like crititcizing others) and focus more on doing positive things that I enjoy :)

And I've found out how fascinating an artist' life could be for other people even co-artist that I am thrilled to share blitzblogposts like this and show/demonstrate that artists and other art types are not that weird we are just super interested in things we are interested at.

And that we also think and think a lot.

So there here's one of my gives exposing my back to you ready for stabbing at my grammar, my thoughts and whatnot. But also open for your appreciation, support and tough love <3

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