Winter Garden

Awesome show!

Kat Medina told me that there was an opening in the Metropolitan Museum. Just a quick walk away from CCP from which I am at.

Julius is still not here. Stuck in traffic.

Awesome show T_T

That playing field outline in fire video work. I thought it was a basketball court outline. Now I doubt it. Looks more like a football field.

It was a video work. They also made a hard rock cafe fire logo on top of a house I think.

Then there was the curious record player by Lyota Yagi.

Inside the small refrigerator beside it is an ice copy of a disc that can be played with the record player because it was molded in a silicon mold with a scores from a (non-ice) disc.

Then there was Koki  Tanaka T_T

With the electric fan with a towel spinning T_T so good T_T

And the lights turning on T_T

And Taro Izumi with the animal pictures making sounds so great T_T

Go to the show well worth the Php100.00 museum entrance fee

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