Artist's Open Coffee

I think it would be great if we artists could adopt a platform used by entrepreneurs and startups in Juan Great Leap to test, pitch, improve on and collaborate on ideas.

The Open Coffee.

The way they do it there is anyone who has something to pitch an idea, a problem, a project. Anything. Just don't sell anything they say is the guide line. But based from Daniel Pink's idea of selling that pitching is in itself a form of selling.

Ok so anyone who wants to can go up front take the microphone. And present his/her case for strictly two minutes. After that the audience/participant/listeners could give their two cent, their opinion.

About the viability of the idea. Their experience in the field if they have some. Possible collaborations. Leads. Funding. Etc.

I think this would be great on artists.

Just imagine. Instead of someone, an authority, a well-established artists talking about his shit.

We can take about our emerging shit/work and see what others think about it. Maybe for some validation to know that someone will be interested in our work after we're finished. But I think more importantly to know and see what were doing from the perspective of others.

Like is our work very similar to other artist's work that were not aware of. Are we failing at were trying to achieve. Is the work seeming too personal and does not translate well to the audience. Is it hitting our target reaction from the audience or have we just built it up too much in our heads.

Don't know I think it's a good idea. But I might be wrong.

It would be like a note-sharing.

Like I'm interested right now about the history of contemporary art and it would be great to have someone more knowledgeable in the topic to educate me so that I could cut down on the numerous number of hours surfing along the webspace.

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