Lean methodology applied to an Art Business

I have been reading a lot of creative entrepreneurship materials from various sources around the internet way back even before graduating college.

The argument on Lateral Action's free course won me over the Creative Entrepreneurship side over being an employee or freelancing.

What's the difference between freelancing and creative entrepreneurship apply in that free course :)

So Lean methodology. I've come upon the Lean Entrepreneurship movement over the internet again. Don't know really where and when. But I'm somewhat still a skeptic about the methodology.

Because I've read some pros and cons about the method. But hearing Sir Peter Cauton of Juan Great Leap mention that it's amazing to hear how it applied to real startups during a conference or something was really different.

That got me thinking this stuff applies to businesses here in the Philippines? Really...

So I've come back to my lean canvas and reviewed the things I've done so far and the ton of things I still haven't done.

Then I just just earlier this morning been through Ash Maurya's blog and this new canvas is very interesting. Especially with it's focus on testing/experimentation.

Watch the really helpful video here: http://practicetrumpstheory.com/2013/07/new-book-the-customer-factory/ to know more about the canvas and Ash's new book :)

I think I have to rethink my art business system as I failed my target revenue over the past months. Not really a bad thing though as many artist live years before experiencing their first sale of artwork.

I think I have to focus on the Product/Market fit question. If there are enough customers for this product?

Would have to ask more people about feedback and advice. Try distribution channels/venues. Craft a more sticky and contagiuos marketing campaign. And perhaps get a supplementary source of income to be able to continue and perhaps thrive in my artist career/business.

The opening of Future Market in Escolta by 98b has been a real blessing to me :)

Got to sell a lot of artworks there. Wait let me get the numbers.

I sold 7 large kite aerial photography prints :)

Traded 2 with fellow artists :)

Sold 15 small kite aerial photography prints :)

About 11 badly drawn comics :) 6 in Komikon

About 4 calligraphy works.

About 3 kaleido zines :)

And a couple more of other items.

That is I think over the span of 7 months.

Also got a Esc project installation/show at the Future Market.

More important for me is that I got to share my works with the people there and make good friends.

The Future Market interviews is also a hit, gives my blog and a fellow artist exposure, makes us love what we do more.

Learning and trying to apply business principles and methodology to my art practice has made it much richer. I don't feel sleazy that I am trying to sell my art.

In fact I feel a sense of pride in what I do and gratitude to those who support me.

I think it has made me a better person compared to if I just focused on the art production part of the practice.

It has made me a better rounded person.

Less irritable and angry. More objective in my actions and decision-making. More critical about what the hell is my art for. More solid in what I believe in. Better in speaking and writing in English. Friendlier. And so much more.

So the lean methodology. I think I really have a good product and solved the problem/solution fit part of the canvas. Guess I'm moving to the Product/Market fit part of the canvas and out to find out if there are enough customers out there for what I do.

If not. Then I learned a great deal and think am more able to do other things as a source of income. If yes! then I'll have to set up a factory like Picasso and Warhol.

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