Kite aerial photography equipment package anyone interested

I'm planning of developing kite aerial photography packages so that I would not be the only one doing kite aerial photography here :)

I'm planning to kite aerial photography rigs similar to mine using DSLRs.

And low cost kite aerial photography rigs using smaller camers hacked to take picutres based on time intervals. Or with cameras with intervalometer functions such as gopro.

And very low cost kite aerial photography rig using cheap film cameras using mechanical trigger. Still don't know how to do that one.

The kites for the lighter cameras I think could be made by kite-maker friends.

The larger kites I think we would have to order that from other countries.

What 'ya think?

The low cost package that could carry a gopro or a hacked digital camera would probably cost without including the camera. The rig with picavet suspension and fixed camera position would cost about 2,000.00 pesos. The kite I think we could get for 1,000.oo pesos or below.

So 3,000.00 pesos for that one.

The lowest servo and transmitter combo that would allow the rig to pan and tilt would probably cost about 4,000.00 pesos. Then I would have to up the rig construction cost to about 3,000.00 pesos because of the added difficulty and materials of mounting and placing the servos.

So about 9,000.00 pesos for that.

The rig for the DSLR would be way more expensive because we would have to use different servos and different kite.

About 7,000.00 pesos for the rig and about 10,000 pesos for the kite. Then maybe 2,000.00 pesos for the transmitter.

So about 19,000.00 pesos for the DSLR package.

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