Art Discussion: Day Jobs and Funding

Yesterday(nov23) we out for some drinks after the media art kitchen activity.

And there were some awesome discussions there :)

Day Jobs

As an artist. Especially if your near to the full-time artist spectrum. It's hard to answer the question, "What is your job?"

And most of us will have this "Day Job" which  is mostly the freelance/service/commercial/raket work that artists do. Mainly to earn money.

And the "Art Practice" which is the more explorative/expressive/creative work that artists do. Mainly because they love doing those kind of works. And those works may be for sale (but rarely sell enough to sustain the artist) or ephemeral or not really something you can buy like in the cases of some conceptual work.

So day job. Some do design work. Some do teaching.

Ah! I think teaching is a very longed for position for most artists. Like a good teaching position where it takes not much of your time and pays good money.

Like teach only two classes per semester.

There are also cases of doing a 9-5 or some other form of 8 hour job shift or maybe more. And pushing the art practice unto the weekends.

And there are also the case of doing money work on a per project basis.


Funding! We talked about how things get funded in other places compared to the Philippines.

How hard it is for us to get funding from the government. Like the NCCA.

I wonder to what projects does the budgets for visual arts and film and other media goes.

Like who are the artists that benefits from that platform.

We also talked of how grateful we are of the support and openness of the Japan Foundation to integrate art institutions and spaces. And like make the media art kitchen a larger event and much more fun and inclusive. Like there's some thing for everyone.

There also a lot of inputs like where we can look for funding in the future. Where other people are looking and where we can still look for.

Like where do we find free money :)

Young artists

There were a bunch of young artist that went to the media art kitchen and it was so awesome to able to exchange stories about them.

Like where we could look for opportunities. Like which galleries are more open to showing new artists. What we do to earn some money.

How it was like in our colleges.


This was a topic brought up the other day.

It was the first time for me to understand the word.

It means something like. Artists help make a place look wonderful by doing art activities there, getting people to visit and know the place.

Then place raises in commercial value.

Then things go well for people around the area. But then things go bad for others.

Like new businesses/buildings start opening up in the area. And then the locals are alienated or kicked out. Or the rent is increased and the artists can no longer afford.

Basically it likes biting the hand that feed it's growth.

I'm curious how other artist/collectives addressed this in the past?

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