Epic Adventure Post

Level up!

By now I've leveled up :)


Busy Epic Saturday

Juan Great Leap

Open coffee at Centerpoint building.

Hell lot of fun :) I was like inside a group that I can somehow strongly relate to. But still not totally belonging to that group.

Strange but true and fun.

It was great to be surrounded by forward-thinking animators, software developers, social entrepreneurs, consultants, trainers, government employees, top-tier graduates, environmentalists, etc.

It was a whole lot of fun and learning! A lot of thundering laughter!

And I was glad that my work has been received well :)

I thought they were all geeks that would start throwing entrepreneurial terms like distribution channels and what not. But they were all very realistic. Very no B.S. And they suggest from their own experience!

Really Really Really Great Definitely I would go back there! :)

To Mommy is Toastmasters
To Gerome it might just be Juan Great Leap :)

Trade School

Right after Juan Great Leap open coffee I rushed straight to my Trade School Class in Commune, in Makati.

And what do you know I arrived just in time and was even able to coincide with Ian Pedarse aka Ang Litratista!

Though very few attended. Less than a handful.

It was fun and great to share and be shared ideas and inspiration.

To have a back and forth discussion and not just me talking in my boring monotone.

About my kite aerial photography practice with it's servos and suspensions.

Plus I got some awesome book from Andrei and Ian :)

Bagnet can get you high

As we, Andrei and I, found out.


I finally bought Robert Greene's Mastery from the nearest bookstore to us. It was the only copy and I swear it was meant for me.

I left that for a good two weeks before I finally bought it.

Delayed gratification sure delivers exquisite gratification :)

Notes notes notes

Been reading a lot and been taking down notes.

Been watching videos and have been taking notes.


Now I compress those notes to tiny wallet fitting when folded index cards. So that I can bring one anywhere and read it and internalize it whenever I am made to wait.

Solar shoot

Ain't we lucky!

It was raining when we left the office of Solar to drive to Morong and it was looking bad.

Swallowed deeply to clear the throat. What if the rain does not stop?

Doubts and worries.

But Alas when we were finally closing Morong the weather smiled and we smiled back.

And that good ole spot that Lolo Ruben suggested to me.

That new broad road near the palengke was clear, sunny and windy too :)

And we were able to shoot my kite aerial photography practice like it was the best day ever to do that shoot.

And whatdayaknow.

When we we're going back.

Rain started pouring hard. Way hard. When we we're in Pasig.

The Daemon, the muse, God, the Buddhas, the Quantum mechanics are at work here! :)

Work work

Been making more artworks here at home :) Good to get out of this laptop and get my hand working and filthy.

With gluing, cutting, drilling, etc.

And I hope to do more.


I hope our printer gets fix soon so that I can print more zines and marketing materials.

I just exhausted my calling card supply at the Juan Great Leap open coffee.

Or maybe the Quantum mechanics are telling me to finish my files to be printed first before I think about printing them.

Maybe maybe.

How could we know?

We could only work

Ours is the effort,
Theirs is the outcome.

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