Art Report 2013-10-30

1) Bad Disease

Because of a persistent coughing and eeew phlegm I was not able to attend FPPF's anniversary in Intramuros last Saturday and the rePORTs talk at 98b last Sunday. I am beginning to feel a whole lot better though.

2) Travelibre

Yesterday I was able to join the Travelibre team for thier Paranaque trip. Good to shoot non-kap. And meet new friends.

3) Capt Joy

Got to meet Capt Joy Roa thanks to Sir Eric Tan who I meet through the Juan Great Leap open coffee.

4) Financial Planning

Got to learn some financial planning from Sir Eric Tan while we were on the way to meet Capt. Joy.

One of the key points I learned from him was the 100 minus your age. Which was the ideal percentage you should be saving. He adjusted that one to 80 just to be more realistic. So for me as a 22 year old I should ideally be saving 58% of my income.

Don't really now how to apply that one yet. Maybe it's more applicable to friends who have day jobs.

5) Shooting witt my Time Machine #2

Number 1 is in the province and will need a nd filter to work well.

Number 2 is a pinhole cam still don't know if any image will come up because it's my first time to use film.

6) BAdly Drawn X-mas and Halloween comics

Am making it. But not making much progress. Lacking funny, hilarious stories to illustrate and tell. And draw badly.

7) Imagined room

Is sadly not making any progress

8) Kite

Am trying to learn to make simple kites. Not much progress on that yet. Maybe will start with Boca-boca,

I guess that will be it for now. 

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