Art Report: 2013-10-11

Hello there my friend,

These are the things that have been going through my mind lately.

1) Residency

One of the suggestions to me is to try applying to residencies. So I did try to apply to one.

I got a lot more to learn. I did not know that google searching airfare to other countries in not reliable.

And much more importantly I don't know what I will do if the weather does not work with my kite aerial photography technique.

2) Brainard Carey

I really want to have a copy of his book because judging from his Youtube videos he knows things that I don't know.

Like his art patron pickup line, "Do you to invest in a dream?"

I can somehow see that working.

3) Damien Hirst's way.

I don't know but I think I read too much stuff against the gallery system that I am afraid of going that direction.

On the free to download workbook companion of Brainard's book there is a part where you would choose who's art business model you feel inclined to follow.

And for me organizing DIY shows seems very promising and exciting : )

Maybe I would not be able to do anything grand and big as a whole warehouse art show. But I got some ideas I would like to explore.

4) I don't wanna dance like Beyonce.

It's being a pattern now every time I meet with my friends from college we'll have a wager to push ourselves to do something different or difficult.

And this time the punishment is embarassment.

What do I need to do to not dance like Beyonce with costume and posted online I'll let you know some.

Don't sabotage me!

Please : )

5) I don't where I'm going

I just broke my laptop's charger and the money that's keeping this artist sane and able to not worry about money is gone to purchase a new charger.

I kinda know why and where I want to go but the "how" is kinda blurry.

Especially the financial part.

I'm thinking of re-raising my artisteconnect crowdfunding campaign but maybe not.

Maybe I'll just offer a pretty good deal in my artist merchandise.

I need to raise some money before next year's kite season less I walk my way to far far away lands again and get a bad stomach eating cheap and bad food.

Please more guidance on the "how" especially on the financial side.

6) Unsure

The book that Andrie gave me is really good I'm reading, browsing, re-reading it. Life's Companion by Christina Baldwin.

Just the right stuff for me : ) Thanks Andrie : )

Let's go get some aerial photographs of cows there in Bacoor next year : )

The main premise of the book is like going in unsure. Just doing it anyway and kinda winging it along the way.

Comitting mistakes etc.

This book I see aligns with Psychocybernetics.

And some premise from Mastery too.

Mastery is too logical for me right now. Gotta be more spiritual right now and this book that Andrie gave just fits : )

Thanks again Andrie

7) Work work

Been doing more artwork. The worry book by Dale Carneggie is really helpful. Got me out of the rut and undepressed : )

Been doing Transmission number 4 and 6 but ran out of white acrylic paint so they're into the pending area.

Our printer the other one. Is not as good as the other one but will do for now.

Losing the laptop charger made me appreciate more the time I spend with my little eee pc laptop : )

Made me more focused because of fear : )

8) Writing

I've been reminiscing all my kite aerial photography sessions. I want to make photography books about them.

Photography books I've found are a big part of fine art photographers revenue.

But some of my notes are in Morong, Rizal along with other stuffs there.

But I figured it will be more intriguing if I left details out and use letters as names for some people. Most of them I sadly forgotten the names of.

It's nice to remember and write those kite aerial photography adventures : ) Euphoric.

9) Imagined room

I'm doing this imagined artspace of mine. It's going good from my perspective though needs more work.

Will work on that and post materials from that work.

10) Uncertain

What I am is uncertain. I am envious of friends that have more secure, predictable paths right now.

Well I think this is just part of the life I've chosen.

Good to be able to write like this Cathartic but not Destructive. Kinda Creative even.


P.S Ah another thing about getting a website I like this blog for now : ) I like giving those curious about my work a hard time searching for my work and chancing about the work of others that I interviewed for this blog too : )

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