Art Language 101

The Art World has it’s own way of saying things just like how mostly only magic card players would use the word schmucker.

Here are some of the art world words that I have come to understand. If there are revisions or suggestions feel free to comment.

Art Residency

a program wherein an artists is invited to stay in an "art space" either to research, make art, continue art projects, or share knowledge. The program may include one or more of those things.

Artist in Residence

the artist in an "art residency" program. Is conducting, taking part of.


a collection of artworks that either have a common theme, created by a single artist or collective, produce a narrative, from the same body of work. May include one or more of those things.


used to denote a limited or unlimited number of production of an artwork from a repeatable process. Such as printing is for photography and/or illustrations. And casting is for sculptures.

the edition may be labeled as:

open edition: meaning that the artist/s may make as many productions of the artwork as he deem appropriate. May be indicated as
, "Open edition print no.32".

limited edition: meaning that the artist/s limited the number of productions of the artwork. May be indicated as, "Edition of 3  1/3"

Artist proof

A print that is used by the artist to critic the quality of the production and that he/she may continue into producing the series. Stands as a basis of the quality. Quality check.

May or may not be put for sale by the artists. Usually comes with a higher tag price. Which I don't get why.

Art space

usually connotes a space that is apart from a museum or a traditional gallery. May or may not connote an alternative art space such as art collectives, artist-run spaces, etc.

Alternative space

a space apart from a museum or a traditional gallery. Can be an artist-run space, an art collective space, an artist studio/gallery, etc.

New Media

basically encompasses all other media apart from painting, sculpture and illustrations. Includes but not limited to: video art, performance art, photography and installation art.


a major influencer in the Philippine art scene after bringing the concepts of conceptual art in the country and teaching several of well-known Philippine contemporary artists as a professor in the University of Santo Tomas.

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