Much much love to all those who bought art objects from me

It's been one year and a month since I graduated. Almost two.

And it has been quite hard at times. But nevertheless I'm making progress.

Taking part in the 98b Future Market has been one of them.

For me it's like having a solo exhibition :)

What I like the most is that I get to make some money and know that there are people out there feel strongly enough about my work that they are willing to spend some money on them.

To them much thanks.

I hope that you will take care of my works and find a place for it at your home.

I hope that they will enlighten your day and take some of your burdens away.

This step can be seen as a small step. But this step for me is a very important step.

Towards making a sustainable lifestyle as an artist.

Thanks to you I get be as I am and share my enthusiasm through my works.

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