98b the art space to be

What is 98b?

98b is an art space in Escolta, Manila. The only in that area I think. It is, I think, started by Mark Salvatus with a lot of friends. 

What's great about 98b is the community. All kinds of artistic fellow go there, from contemporary artists, to photographers, to illustrators, to curators, to writers, designers, etc. 

And the events. 98b organizes fun events such as the future market, which is like a mini art fair tiyangge; the behance portfolio review which was held last november; art talks from local and foreign artists. which are really, really good.

There is also a vast library of books, magazines, catalogues, brochures about art from around the Philippines and beyond.

98b also hosts art residencies. They have done they first recently: The Yokohamanila.

How to go to 98b?

This is the way I go to 98b from the Quiapo Church area.

Go to Escolta Street

In the First United Building block you will see an bright yellow eastwest bank.

Enter the first united building. Take note that it often looks closed on weekends when 98b conducts most of it's talk. But it's open just not that obvious sometimes.

To the stairs.

From there you will see 98b peeking.

Oh Yes! you have arrived at 98b :)

But if you're coming from somewhere else the google map below maybe of help :)

Google Map

View 98b in a larger map

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