Future Market: Lorenzo Gabutina

Today, we talk to Lorenzo Gabutina, one of the regular artist-seller at the monthly Future Market @ Escolta. An event organized by 98b in it's effort to help revitalize old Manila.

You can follow Lorenzo's work here

Gerome: Please introduce yourself and give us some of your background

Lorenzo: I am Lorenzo E. Gabutina, 63 years old. I retired from advertising agency work in 2010. After retirement, with nothing to do, I started doodling on the computer. When I saw my friends liking my work, sineryoso ko na ang paggawa ng art.

G: What kind of artworks do you do?

L: All my works are digital. style-wise I can go pop, surreal or techno. iba-iba.

G: I heard you say that you have a very unique way of doing your digital works. can you talk more about that?

L: Unique kasi I'm the only one, as far as I know, that makes art using powerpoint app.
while every digital artist is using photoshop, I'm doing mine on ppt.

G: hmmm. How did you arrive at that technique?

L: because I'm a college teacher and all my lessons are in ppt. too, I also used ppt a lot when I was making presentations to clients back during my ad agency days. so I have kind of mastered this medium.
to this day, many artist-friends of mine cannot believe that I'm using ppt. kala nila photoshop.

G: that is really unique. now what got you interested into doing those abstract, collaged photographs that you do?

L: all my life I have always appreciated good art. since I was a small kid. as early as then - when stampitas were given to me by my parents - I was awed by the intricacy of the art. I have so many art books in the house, art calendars, art posters ... it's only now that I am "doing art" and not just appreciating them.

G: so what will you be selling at the upcoming future market?

I will be selling some of my digital works in print. if you want to see good art done on powerpoint, POP, TECHNO, SURREAL ART, punta kayo sa Future Market to see how good digital works made with powerpoint can be'

You can follow Lorenzo's work here

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