Thesis so far

Still need to add some things to the introduction. Survey to be presented to Sir Torres. Chapter 2 still nothing. Have been able to talk to Kite Association of the Philippines, they were very kind. Also been able to try flying a kite and was not successful, not my fault the wind was not good back then. Have been able to interview Sir John Chua the authority on aerial photography here in the Philippines. He was very realistic about the limitations and dangers of my project but was also encouraging on helping me understand that in order to pull this project i am to need the assistance of other people. I was also able to talk to Sir Ino Syjueco of Real Heli but am dissappointed to hear that he wouldn't help me build my project but is kind enough to answer my questions on how can i create my project. Was also able to talk to Magoo on how he can help me on doing my project and on where i find resources i need for my project.

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