24 hour product challenge: 24 hour product challenge guide book

I am doing my first (of many planned) 24 hour product challenges. Because the action-takers like Nathan Barry, Amy Hoy, and others inspired me to invalidate all my excuses and get started with my first micro product.

UPDATE: The guide book is now done! Check it out and tell me what you think https://gum.co/aXFdT

Goal: Create my first 24 hour product that will be my foundation to more online entrep adventures :D

1 Because it is in-line with my long term goal of creating a automated cash flow business aka Muse (as in the one mentioned by Tim Ferriss in the 4 hour work week). Info digital products seemed to be the easiest of them to make. So here I am.
2 24 hour product challenge seems less daunting than the other challenges, like 24 hour business challenge. And I believe it's a good start to get me used to doing online entrep things like these.

Mindsets going in to this:
1 it's ok for me to not sell a lot in this challenge. the goal is more of - to get started, get used to, and learn
2 i will make more of this challenge so as to build momentum and acquire first-hand know-how about this online entrep stuff.

Target Product:
An inception of sorts.

24 hour product guide book for 24 hour product challenges

It will contain:

  • What is the 24 hour product challenge, how it will benefit you and how you can get started right away?
  • What products you can do?
  • How to broadcast, market your 24 hour product challenges
  • and more!
Bookmark this page and come back for more updates. You can pre-order the product here for just $3!!!

Battle plan, Round 1:

8:05 pm

Get all the links to all 24 hour challenge
Map out their methodologies on a mindmap
Maybe use the metalearning guide i have
Flesh out all of this to a good guide book for you to enjoy :D and use

Links to all 24 hour product challenge articles:

First 15 minute pomodoro almost ending

Posted on twitter

First 15 minute pomodoro finish

Round 2

Map out the methodologies based on the links on a mindmap

2 links done
more to go
learning a lot!
this is my second time of reading most of them
so it's kinda cheating
most of them, i'm just skimming

some lessons learned:
use unpublished works

Round 3

3 more links outlined to mindmap
learning some things
bit cranky tonight, so will sleep it out
let's see maybe this challenge pops out in my dream lolz
and i wake up and go back to it

ciao for now

Round 4

7:25 am

2 and a half more done and times up
time to walk my high energy dog Bruce :3

Round 5

Done with walking my dog, back to action

Done with all the 24 hour product challenge links
adding 24 hour business challenges coz this was what Justin Mcgill did, and it's awesome :D

pushing and skipping break to Round 

started fleshing out the book

finished breakfast back to work

Round 7


found out it's better to right the book hand in hand with the articles
saved the articles to pdf coz you know internet in the philippines

fleshing out the book and it's looking awesome :D

Round 8


back to work after watching some youtube vids - my addiction T_T
and eating lunch :D yum yum

Did a lot of writing and formatting, looking good

But my brain is feeling toasted and not working properly at this point, so time to take a break. 8 or so hours to go.

Round 9 

2:38 back to work

Finished first run through the book

Doing a second run-through, applying the things I've outlined there to action and filling out more meaty content to it :D

pre-order page done
cover image done
scared shitless of promoting my stuff
solution - just copy what others have done
checking out what others did
for now water break and maybe dog walk break too

Round 10

6:10 om
final 2 hours

Focus on marketing aka "Broadcasting" in the book

Uploading product
Tweeting to 24 hour product challenge completers to check this out

Click to Tweet coz it's awesome :D
"24 hour product challenge about 24 hour product challenge guide book, checkitout :D http://ctt.ec/c9hNc"


I think, I'm done for now :D

Wew! that was awesome
Check the product here :D Soon to come of it's pre-order state :D
Do give me your feedbacks and suggestions

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